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3D genomic modeling
Comparison of outcome in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) treated at time of relapse vs. at time of "minimal residual disease" (MRD)
Using computational chemistry to understand bonding interactions in nanowires and Alzheimer's proteins
Internship - Clinical Enterprise Data Warehouse & Reporting Opportunity
Small Business Finance, Legal Envrionment, and Innovation
Analysis of muscle activity in daily life
Computational metagenomics and human microbiome research
Research in Holographic Sound & Music
Genetics Research Assistantships in New Zealand
Triple P Implementation Initiative
Prescribed Fire Effects on Post-Burn Plant Phenology in South Puget Sound Prairies
Assessing the quality and accuracy of physician blogging
Research Opportunity in Water Quality and Organic Contaminant Fate
Artisanal fisheries
Research in Theoretical Physics
Host-pathogen interactions in high-risk HPV infections that lead to cancer
Undergraduate research opportunity in HIV/AIDS lab studying mucosal immunology and microbiome
Marketing Strategy Research Assistant
Variety of research opportunities, for credit, at Friday Harbor Labs
Biomedical optical devices and molecular imaging
Executive Prominent Alzheimer's Disease: Genetics and Risk Factors (EPAD:GRF)
Examining the stability of solutions of partial differential equations
Language and Social Interaction Research
Molecular microbiology and bioinformatics
Structure of Parasitic Connections Between Golden Paintbrush and Host Plants
Historical research assistant for the Newbook Emma B. Andrews Diaries Project.
Web development assistant for the Newbook Emma B. Andrews Diaries Project.
Simons VIP, TIGER and ZEBRA Studies
DNA Repair-Mediated Radiation and Drug Resistance in Human Brain Tumors
Paleontology research on the K/Pg extinction of dinosaurs and rise of mammals