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An animal model of compulsive drug-seeking
Research Assistant for Preschool Literacy Project
Government Credit Programs and American Life
Fabrication, assembly and testing of a novel prosthetic foot
Undergraduate Research Position as Clinical Software Development Engineer
Genetics and molecular mechanisms of human hindbrain malformations
Genetic mechanism of human aging and accelerated aging disorders
Biomedical Research Assistantships in Panama
Undergraduate Research Assistant for Epigenetics/Stem Cell Biology Lab
Building a contraceptive patient registry from the ground up
Innovation and Finance Research Projects
Creating Connections
Forest Ecology and Global Change
Grant writing internship
Newbook Advertising and Marketing
Newbook Digital Texts: Humanities and Computer Technologies Working Together
Seed Viability and Germination of Castilleja (Paintbrush) Hybrids
The Effect of Enhanced Fatty Acid Oxidation on Exercise Capacity and Training
The Grass Shape Project: Uncovering the evolutionary history of grasses
Social media and adolescent health
New microarray analysis server: mysql, php and good-taste html
Random walk approximation to Boundary local time of a reflecting Brownian motion
Elephant behavior at the Woodland Park Zoo
Undergraduate Research Assistant -- Sensorimotor control of speech production
Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Neuroscience and Aging
Undergraduate research in immunology and cancer biology
Social and Sensory Processing in Autism
Sleep Health in Preschoolers (SHIP)
Understanding the fate of carbon in the bacterial degradation of estrogen
Examining the therapeutic alliance between Spanish-speaking therapists and clients