Undergraduate Research Program at UW
UW Faculty/Mentor Submission Form for Undergraduate Research Opportunities

In your research project* description, please include the following:
  • Brief description of the research project (may also include duration, size of the research team, etc.)
  • Potential role for the student(s) and any specific tasks that the student(s) would be performing
  • Potential student benefits
  • Estimated number of hours per week you anticipate the student will work on the project
  • Minimum qualifications required (e.g., specify skills or prerequisite coursework)

* If you don't have a specific project in mind but are willing to mentor a student project, please indicate in the description


  • Your research project will be indexed in the "Research Areas" at the bottom of this form. Please try to choose the research areas (up to four) that are most applicable to your project.
  • Your project will be listed on the research opportunities web page, students from beyond UW will have access to your listing and may inquire about participation. While the UW has no policy preventing you from working with non-UW students, we encourage you to give first consideration to UW undergraduates. 


(Insert your research project description or indicate your willingness to develop a project with interested students in your field)

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